Worst Food for Your Metabolism

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Some of our pals can consume pizza and chocolate cake without gaining weight. No exercise either.

Those few were presumably born with a higher BMR. BMR is the energy your body needs to pump blood, breathe, maintain tissue like muscle, and regulate temperature.

BMR accounts for 60-70% of energy expenditure. Thermic effect of food (TEF) is the calories required to digest food and transform it into energy.

The greatest foods for increasing metabolism are those that take longer to digest and keep you full. The worst are ones that quickly transform into glucose.

The glycemic index measures how long a carbohydrate-containing diet takes to breakdown and become glucose. High-glycemic foods digest fast, raising blood glucose levels.

These simple carbohydrates—candy, soda, and sugary desserts—give your body a temporary surge of energy, but afterwards you feel tired and hungry.

Complex carbs like whole grains with a low GI promote weight reduction since they take longer to digest and need more calories.

White flour lacks wheat's fibre and minerals. Fiber-free bread is easier to digest, so your metabolism doesn't have to work harder and burn more calories.

Because Americans consume so much white bread, which has a glycemic index of 75, it may be the poster child for foods that impede metabolism.

Pure glucose scores 100 on the GI scale. Some cold cereals score 81, higher than white bread.

Granola, white rice, spaghetti, cookies, cakes, pastries, drinks, and everything refined and processed are high GI meals.

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