Worst Foods for Healthy Teeth

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Sugary baked goods including pies, cakes, cookies, doughnuts, muffins, pastries, sweet rolls, and quick breads are terrible for health, weight gain, and cavities.

Ice cream, sherbet, ice milk, popsicles, fudgesicles, Italian ice, and snow cones are delicious. They can damage tooth enamel if we eat or lick them often.

Pretzels, crackers, corn chips, potato chips, especially thick, ridged chips, and tortilla chips become stuck. Starches harm teeth by releasing sugar and combining with saliva.

If your youngster needs peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, pack a toothbrush and toothpaste. Otherwise, your youngster may get cavities.

Acidic fruits and liquids are also tooth-damaging. Their citric acid erodes dental enamel. Regularly eating acidic fruits like citrus can demineralize bone.

Candy bathes teeth with sugary saliva. Hard candy, caramels, and taffies are the worst kind of candy. Caramels and taffy hide their sticky sugars in the teeth's crevices.

If you're drinking booze out, consider sipping water between drinks. Order a straw-friendly alcoholic drink to avoid tooth enamel touch.

Carbonated sodas and sparkling water can damage teeth. Carbonation makes the liquid acidic.

Energy drinks harm teeth much more. Citric acid energy drinks damage tooth enamel, making them one of the worst diets for good teeth.

Some folks eat ice. Chewing it can fracture teeth, causing dental complications.

Moderate coffee and tea consumption is fine for teeth. Adding sugar, milk, cream, or an artificial creamer to beverages can tear down dental enamel.

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