Worst Foods To Avoid In The Morning

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Sugary Breakfast Cereal

Most cereals are manufactured with refined flour, making them poor in fibre and likely to leave you hungry. They're also sugary and lacking in protein.


Sausage is a popular breakfast meal, but it's not the healthiest. Ground beef, fat, spices, flavourings, and binders make sausage.

Wheat Bread

Refined white bread sends blood sugar and energy levels up and down. Avocado toast is great on sprouted whole grain bread.

Flavored Coffee

One as breakfast might cause jitters and a sugar crash. Make a coffee smoothie using cold brew, banana, almond butter, and pure honey.

Fruit Juice

Juice won't provide you vitamin C or minerals quickly. Juice removes fibre but retains sugar and calories. A glass of orange juice has more calories than 5-6 oranges.

Bakery-style Muffins

Most muffins are cupcakes without icing. Many muffins, especially coffee shop or grocery store ones, have more calories, saturated fat, and sugar than cupcakes.

Toaster Pastries

Toaster pastries are manufactured with refined carbohydrates, are heavy in sugar, lack actual fruit, and are poor in protein, which helps us feel full longer.

Plant-Based Latte

Most cafes sell low-protein, pre-sweetened plant-based milk. My clients don't realise plant milk is sweetened.

Dry Cereal

High-carbohydrate, low-fiber dry cereal doesn't always satiate hunger. It digests swiftly, leaving you hungry soon after.

Flavored Yogurt

Plain yoghurt, especially Greek yoghurt, is high in protein and calcium. Avoid fat-free flavoured yoghurts since most companies compensate by adding sugar.

Pre-made Smoothies

Pre-made smoothies and protein drinks sometimes use fruit liquids instead of actual fruit, which lacks nutritional fibre.

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