Worst Times to Drink Coffee

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After noon

After noon Coffee after noon may drastically disrupt your sleep routine, even though it seems like midmorning.

For 3 p.m. coffee aficionados, consider cold brew instead of hot.

When you've already had 2 cups

Everything in moderation" applies to coffee as well. You can eat a lot without overindulging.

consuming more than 2-3 glasses can be dehydrating. Science says drinking more than 4 cups a day shortens your life.

When you haven't eaten anything else

Because coffee is acidic, consuming it on an empty stomach might be uncomfortable.

Cold brew is less harsh and acidic than ordinary coffee in the morning. Overnight brewing works.

When your cholesterol levels are high

Coffee is safe for those with high cholesterol. But how you consume it matters.

Unfiltered or french pressed coffee can increase LDL "bad" cholesterol, whereas filtered coffee does not. Consider paper-filtered coffee if your LDL levels are high to prevent a spike.

On a daily basis

Coffee may become an addiction for frequent consumers. Any daily intake pause.

Like coffee affect energy levels, therefore I encourage moderation. They achieve this by boosting hormones and neurotransmitters that affect energy.

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